Tips to Enjoy Your Beer More

These are the tips so you can enjoy all the flavor of this frothy drink, even after keeping it for long in stubby holders.

  1. The beer must be taken in a glass cup

The glass offers very obvious advantages such as the fact that we can see what we are taking; this already in itself is a spectacle. The glass does not keep odors or flavors that contaminate what we are going to drink and also – unlike plastic, cardboard or foam – prevents the gas from reacting. Do not freeze the glass, unless you are drinking a light lager that tastes like water.

  1. Taking it from the bottle

If you take the bottle then take the bottle by the neck so it does not heat so quickly by the heat of the hand.

  1. Do not over freeze

Only bad drinks were frosty. By cooling too much a beer loses much of its aroma and flavor. The temperature that you like is between 5 and 9 degrees Celsius, although there are some that you like hotter. While it is true that beer is not “on time”, unless you live in Iceland or Patagonia and you are outdoors, you should keep a cool temperature. Any beer emits more aroma and flavor when taken fresh than when it is taken to freezing point.

  1. Check while serving

When serving your beer in the glass, try to leave two fingers of foam. Although the foam itself does not contribute to the flavor, it does function as a protective layer to preserve the aromas, flavors and carbonation inside the container.

  1. Check the expiry date

Always look at the expiration date. Remember that there are few beers that can be stored for more than three months as long as they stay cold. Unpasteurized craft beers should take care of them more since they are more susceptible to developing microorganisms that alter their condition.

  1. Trick to use while drinking unfiltered beer

If you drink an unfiltered beer you will notice that by not moving them, residues settle in the bottom. In most cases you should turn them gently so that these residues are integrated into the body of the liquid. However, there are some others that it is recommended not to mix and it is necessary to take care that these residues remain in the glass when serving it since they can sour the flavor. Generally that is explained by the manufacturer on the label.

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